5 Cheap Summer Vacation Ideas

summer vacation

“School’s out for summer!” will soon be chiming through the halls of every school. The warm weather is approaching which means that summer vacation will be coming up quickly. If you’re hoping to take a family vacation this summer, you should start planning now to get some great deals and save money on an awesome trip with the kids. Summer is the best time to have some cheap thrills outdoors and take a simple and money-saving vacation. Here are some ideas.

Camping- As long as you’re not opposed to sleeping outdoors or deathly afraid of bugs, this is a great cheap family vacation to take this summer. Camping can be done almost anywhere and the only costs associated are a tent or lodging, food, gear and games and activities for entertainment. Spend some time in nature with the family and enjoy some cheap amusement by biking, hiking, swimming and exploring the great outdoors. Check your local areas for campsites or local outdoor pros for a cheap family adventure. Just make sure to take necessary precautions in planning your camping trip.

Road Trip- You haven’t experienced a true family vacation until you’ve been stuck in a car all together. Although gas prices aren’t necessarily cheap these days, driving to another place for vacation will be cheaper (and more adventurous) than buying an airplane ticket for each family member. Plan out a destination and figure out a number of places along the route to stop and see. There’s nothing quite like driving across the country or state to enjoy a cheap family summer vacation. Grab a map, some road trip snacks, play car games and tell stories until you’ve arrived for a couple of nights stay somewhere to visit family or a tourist attraction you’ve always wanted to see.

Staycation- Probably the most thrifty of these ideas is to turn your family vacation into a “staycation”. Set a time frame by taking some vacation days from work and plan it as if you’re actually leaving but you’ll really just be enjoying some quality time at home with the family.This is a great an inexpensive idea because you can treat it like a mini trip and do all of your favorite things like making ice cream sundaes, grilling, watching movies, tie-dying t-shirts, building forts or engaging in any other fun family activities. Save money by traveling anywhere and just enjoy time with your family this summer vacation and think of creative ways to enjoy yourselves.

Swap Homes- A home swap may seem a little odd to some people, but everyone needs a vacation now and then so its likely that someone you know will be more than willing to swap homes for a little while. You probably have a family member or close friend who lives somewhere different than your family that you’d like to visit. Save money and plan a cheap summer vacation trip to stay in a relatives home while they come and enjoy yours. Get a change of scenery with this simple and free accommodation idea. You can explore the area and relax and cook in an actual home rather than staying in a hotel.

National Parks- If you want to make this summer vacation count, take the kids on a sightseeing and history-filled adventure to some of the amazing national parks. Every year, the U.S. National Park Services hosts National Park week when all 397 American state parks offer free admission for an entire week. They also offer fee-free entrance days throughout the year that your family can take advantage of for a small, cheap vacation. If you’re looking to be even more adventurous, you can purchase an annual National Parks pass for $80 and take a trip visiting as many big-name attractions as you can including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.


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