5 Inexpensive Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

It seemed like just a week ago the kids were on their way back to school, and now that it’s autumn, the holiday season is upon us! First up, Halloween! Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are in vogue so why not throw a party your kids will love that won’t break the bank?

1. One fun idea is having a pumpkin carving party early on in the season. Pumpkins can get expensive, so have everyone on the guest list bring their own or B.Y.O.P. Make sure to have a lot of knives on hand to use with enough adult supervision. After all, blood only looks good on vampires. You can also print out interesting carving ideas and hang them up to use as inspiration for the kids.

2. If you’re a crafter, there are plenty of Halloween-themed goodies to make at the party. Create paper masks with crayons, scissors, and some yarn. Felt can do wonders if you want to make a goody bag, ghost shapes, or alien creations. You can add goofy eyes, glitter and polka dots with a few supplies found at crafting stores. To make a tissue paper candy corn collage, all you need is white, yellow and orange-colored tissue paper, cut into pieces and scrunched up. Proceed to cut out a triangle from a sheet of paper, and glue the tissue paper pieces on. Voilà, a masterpiece!

3. What’s a good party without fabulous food? Halloween is a great time to get creative with baking. Cupcakes are an inexpensive but yummy treat. Buying them premade can be costly and boring so I suggest grabbing a box and making them at home. The best part is the kids can get involved decorating the cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles for their party. Try making skeleton faces or bats! Don’t forget orange soda, and very chocolate milk for themed drinks.

4. The best part about parties with your friends is all the games you can play! Luckily, games are free. If you are looking for sit down, quiet time, then try printing out different crossword puzzles for the kids to concentrate on. For a more exciting game, play Wrap the Mummy, by breaking into teams and competing to see who can wrap up their mummy with toilet paper the fastest.

5. Outdoor parties mean easy cleanup, less tarnish to your interior decorating, and more space for different games to play. Create a scavenger hunt by hiding fun sized candy around your backyard and letting the kids search for it. Have the kids compete in relay races involving the Halloween favorite, candy corn. Use spoons and plastic pumpkin baskets to have the teams transfer candy corn from one side of the yard to the other. Winner gets all the candy corn!


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