5 Simple Tools to Make Business Email More Secure

secure business email

All kinds of important information is shared on the internet these days, so its understandable to worry about keeping certain things protected. Especially as a business owner, the email traffic you engage in each day is vital to running your company, but is also very private. Although high security is offered by many web email giants, business owners should consider other controls and advanced privacy features to keep all information from bank account data to human resources knowledge as protected as possible. Here are some of the best, easy-to-use tools to make your business email more secure.

Hushmail- This Canadian company is a great resource to use for safe email transactions. Hushmail offers easy ways to send and receive encrypted emails, and you can start an account at no cost. This protected email tool works similarly to other familiar email companies like Hotmail, and has a simple and straightforward interface. Although the technology used to secure the encrypted emails are complex, using Hushmail is quite easy. For your business emails, Hushmail simply encrypts each message that is sent so that only that account receiving it is able to read it. The downside to using this secure business email tool, is that costs can mount as services and features are added; for example, if you want document or desktop protection, it will cost you additional money. Also, unless those you’re communicating with choose to migrate the entire email service to Hushmail, additional email identities will need to be created.

Microsoft Office Trust- As one of the biggest competitors with Google, Microsoft has worked hard to incorporate increased security features into their Outlook email program. Microsoft Office 365 has build in a “Trust Center’ that includes encrypted messaging as well as the means to capture legal online signatures. If your business already uses Microsoft Office 365, the cost is already included in the business plan, and these tools come built into the program. However, additional services and various software may need to run security services on PC-based Microsoft products.

RPost Office- This easy-to-use business email program is based out of LA and takes a different approach to securing all email transactions for your company. RPost offers encryption as part of your registered email and eSignature product. The goal of RPost was to create a healthcare-industry compliant email platform that is legally binding. This program provides you with a detailed report of each delivered email that is more in depth than a regular receipt. This is one of the most complete and meticulous email devices because it provides users with timestamps of received emails, a list of attachments shipped with the email as well as authentication certificates that outline who viewed and interacted with the sent document. RPost also has a built-in signature feature that captures signatures and allows businesses to send and receive legally binding documents. RPost office costs about $15 a month for up to 100 emails, and can become a significant asset for companies and businesses that rely on certain documents that need to be transacted in this incredibly secure way.

Sendinc- This secure email program has mostly been aimed at regular consumers, but is also a great way to keep business email accounts secure. Sendinc is a simply way to offer secure emails for different companies and firms that is business-friendly. This web-based email company provides customers with an easy-to-use interface with a convenient Microsoft Outlook plug-in that makes business transfers almost effortless. Basic services for businesses to use Sendinc are free, while paid plans that offer support for larger email accounts start at $5 a month per user.

Enlocked- This is one of the most handy and easily accessible secure email programs for business owners to use. Enlocked provides free plugins for users to easily and safely send and receive emails on their smartphones or web browsers. This email provider is particularly beneficial to businesses that only occasionally need advanced security features like email encryption. Enlocked provides mobile device support, and makes it very easy to add other features like expiration dates to email messages. Enlocked says that although they handle much of their security through back-end technology, they offer improved safety to clients and customers.


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