7 Location-Independent Careers

location independent career

A career that is location independent means that you don’t have to be in one place to get your job done. Location-independent careers are perfect for someone who wish’s to be able to work from home, across the country, or even across the world. If you want to make money without any commitment to one specific place, take any of these 7 location-independent careers into consideration.

Web/ Graphic designer- Anywhere that you can find an internet connection, will allow you to put your designing skills to good use as a career. If you are in the graphic design field, and are good at working with computer programs, this may be the perfect location-independent career for you. Finding jobs and clients may seem difficult, but with several online sources and websites to utilize, you can upload a resume and portfolio that showcase your work, and will soon have jobs popping up to help you make money from wherever you wish.

Writer- Well polished freelance writers will be likely to find jobs anytime they wish; especially if you can create well-written content quickly. There are endless opportunities for good writers to make some money here and there in such a career that allows you to be independent of a set location. Use sites like freelancer.com to find a job writing for online websites that need to generate constant content, as well as different columns for magazines or newspapers.

Photographer- The craft of being a photographer is one that can make you money in many different ways. Whether you travel and take pictures to sell as prints, or sell digital copies of your pictures to online websites, this is a career that can take you across the world to anywhere you wish. If you have a passion for photography and wish to be able to go wherever you please, you could make enough money to live off of various jobs in this location independent career field.

Telecommuter- A person in this career usually works for one company, but has the independence and flexibility to work from the comfort of their own home, or from anywhere really. As long as the business professional has the means to stay in contact with the office, there are plenty of jobs as a telecommuter to choose from. Many companys are using employees who wish to have location independent careers, to outsource tasks and save money on office space and other expenses.

Freelance Consultant- Technology and computers have revolutionized so many different careers, and have made it possible to find freelance work from anywhere. If you are an organized person who works well with computers, you can find a job in a variety of career fields online. Jobs can include doing internet marketing or PR, working as a virtual assistant, copywriting, or even publishing. Freelance jobs can be found for clients looking to outsource “business services”, which usually consist of a number of various tasks that can be completed via the internet.

-Teacher- There are almost always teaching positions available in any location. If you are somewhere that you speak the native language, you could teach almost anything you know; and if you abroad in another country, you can certainly find a job teaching english. A teacher’s salary may not be ideal, but it is a career that will provide you with enough money to get by and can allow you to be location independent. Using your communication and teaching skills, as well as patience, you may be able to land a job teaching in almost any corner of the world. If you wish to be independent of one place to live, you can make a career out of teaching english or other subjects while traveling.

-Blogger- Although it takes some time to build up readership and a fan base in order to make money, it is possible. If you are dedicated to writing about a certain subject, you can make blogging into a money making career. You will need to be able to write well, as well as appeal to a large population of people. Creating a free WordPress blog, and relaying informational and interesting content to readers, is a job you can do from anywhere. The best internet bloggers can make up to $5,000 a month on their sites through advertisements and selling ebooks.


  1. I like what I do now, but if I was to go back and start over, I think I’d definitely choose a location independent career like consulting or computer programming. Working from home, or whereever is just such a huge perk!

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