7 Things To Do Now That You Have Your Dream Job

Career Tips

You have your foot in the business door—perhaps even starting your dream job—and now you think that you have it made. Not so fast! You first have to handle the barrage of information, before you can be really make an impact in your new career.

Here are some ways you can take the stress out of your new business position:

Be friendly to everyone.
Your job is not just your work output—it is the people around you. Any career will be better if you build a good business relationships with the people you work with. You don’t have to be best friends, but you do need to be friendly. As always, listen to what people are saying.

Make some room just for you.
If it is an office or a cubicle, make some space that is just for you to conduct business—even if it is a small spot in a shared room. Put up some (appropriate) photos or personal items that will make you feel more comfortable, and perhaps boost productivity.

Watch and listen carefully.
Listening is the most valuable asset you have in any aspect of life, but also in business. The only way to become familiar with the new job and climb the ladder in your business, is to gather all the little tips and tricks of the workplace. Pay attention to what happens around you—and learn from your new surroundings.

Take lots of notes.
After finding a job, there are lots of things you will need to remember—from to-do lists and names of co-workers, to business ideas to make things better and questions that need answering —a notepad is an invaluable tool for a new career. Write everything down—preferably in diary form—and try to get answers to all the questions you have about the business in which you just began. On some questions, you may get answers naturally, but if not, wait until the right time, then ask.

Get to work early and stay late.
You don’t have to be there hours earlier, or spend all of your time there—but twenty minutes or so before and after work will give you some time to get a feel for the place, and will show that you’re willing and eager to help the business however you can.

Be upbeat.
Always be positive! The path to your new career will be much more difficult if you are negative—especially in the beginning. A bad attitude in a new employee will give everyone in the business a reason to judge you harshly.

Yes, after finding a job will take a little while before you feel comfortable with your new career responsibilities, and things may not go perfectly at first. That is why you should relax. Soon, you will feel like you belong—and then you can truly shine.


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