7 Things to Spend More Time On to Enhance your Career

enhance your career

Many of us like to think that we are 100% productive and efficient in the workplace; but in reality most of us have our strengths and weaknesses that impact the way we work. Analyzing the way that you perform in your job can help you pinpoint where you need to focus more time to be more efficient in your position. Here are seven things you should invest your time in to enhance your career.

Communication Skills: Good communication skills are essential in the workplace. Being able to effectively communicate ideas through active listening, writing concisely, and giving precise presentations can work in your favor. If you can communicate your ideas well, people will be more likely to respond in a positive way. Spend time listening and giving thoughtful responses in conversation and reply to emails with short and organized answers to help you articulate and benefit the way you communicate.

Your Attitude: People underestimate what a good attitude can do. Having a positive attitude at work makes you feel motivated and driven to produce the best work in the most efficient way possible. Your attitude can certainly help you enhance your career and help you earn more respect among your colleagues and with your boss. Put your best foot forward to inspire others to do the same and that could help open doors for you in the future.

Your Strengths: Spend more time on realizing your strengths to enhance your career. Knowing the areas where you naturally exceed can help to boost your mood and confidence in your job position. Take advantage of utilizing these areas where your skills are strongest, and take the time to improve to help you feel more satisfied about your position in the workplace.

Time Management: Time management is an underestimated and overlooked skill that can be your key to success in enhancing your career. Master how you use your time and you will stay more organized and productive in your job. Spend some time prioritizing your daily activities and keeping track of everything that you have to do so that you know you are using your time wisely.

The Right People: The people you surround yourself with determine how others identify you and how you identify with yourself. Whether you realize it or not, you are influenced by the people you interact with, so invest your time in building relationships with people who help to inspire and bring out the best in you. Spend more time networking with these kinds of people and you can make some professional connections that you can use to enhnance your career and open doors for future opportunities.

Your Education: In addition to the knowledge that you need to perform your job, it is beneficial to have outside education relevant to your field of work. Researching and learning skills that pertain to leadership, problem solving, and creative thinking can help you in the workplace and help shape you as a leader. To enhance your career also research and keep up to date with advancements in your industry; this will help you stay relevant and on trend. Learning and knowing what’s the next best thing before it is implemented in your office will put you ahead of the curve.

Yourself and Your Personal Life: Balance is the key to success in all areas of life. Balancing your professional and your personal life can be the determining factor in your outlook, which is the key to your success. When you aren’t at work, take the time to do things that you enjoy and spend time with friends and family. If you feel like your professional career is taking over all aspects of your life, you need to step back and invest some time into other areas.


  1. So many people believe they are being productive when they are actually hindering their success. I use to have an assistant that was spot on most of the time but I could tell when she was getting overwhelmed because her desk was not organized. It was a small thing I picked up on but was able to help her realize this and we would sit and talk about what was up. :-)

  2. I think the final section of the post says it all – balance. It completely complements the other aspects of our productivity. It’s what we all know, and yet it’s the hardest thing to achieve. Letting go at the weekends is so important, but often can take until Sat to even start to come out of the A mode. 4 day work week’s are the way to go. Thanks for the post Morgan

  3. I’m re-reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” now… I love the idea of surrounding ourselves with those people who can improve our attitude, way of thinking and actions. Also, communication (verbal or non-verbal) is a main tool of creating a strong and successful career….more and more people are preoccupied to talk rather than listen to the others, forgetting that wisdom comes more often from your ability to do this.
    Great post!
    Greetings from Romania! :)

  4. Yes, balance is definitely key. I could never find that balance when I was in the classroom, but since pursuing other interests, more balance has come back into my life.

  5. Good suggestions.

    It’s always good to do a SWOT analysis, be honest to yourself and make improvements on the areas necessary to enhance your life or career.

  6. This is very helpful. I don’t think people know how to present themselves in person any longer because of the amount of communication done by technology!

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