7 Ways to Make More Money off of Your Yard Sale

Yard sales, when done right, can provide an extra source of revenue and get rid of unwanted clutter.

Whether you call it a yard sale or a garage sale, selling unwanted items is a great way to de-clutter your house, and make some cash. However, if you’ve ever been to a number of yard sales, you’re aware that some tactics work to get customers, and others make for a flop. To ensure you are hosting a successful yard sale and making the most money possible off selling your used and unwanted items, use these 7 simple tips.

Pick the right time – Of course you’ll want to pick a date for your yard sale when you have the time to set up and clean up, but you’ll also want to take steps to check with your neighborhood and local government for any restrictions on garage or yard sales. Pick the best weekend and day for your sale by entertaining possible weather conditions, as well as the best day of the week for shoppers. Saturday’s are the most profitable days for yard sales, and you will most likely make money on a weekend close to the beginning of the month; this is right after people get paid and are more likely to have extra cash in their pocket.

Advertise- Advertising is probably the most important way to have a successful yard sale. You will want to advertise as much as possible the week or two before you will hold your yard sale. Utilize local newspapers and circulars to put the word out, as well as hanging easy to read signs around your neighborhood and main streets the day before and the day of your yard sale. To get more customers and make the most money off your items, you should also use online advertisements, social media, and alert friends, family and acquaintances who can all help spread the word. Advertise, advertise, advertise!

Collaborate with Friends and Family- Increase the amount of items at your yard sale, as well as the likelihood of potential customers stopping by, by increasing the size of your yard sale. You can ask a friend or family members if they’d like to work with you to make money off selling unwanted items. Collaborating with others will not only add a significant amount of items to your yard sale to attract passerby customers, it will also help spread the word by utilizing more resources to advertise. Also, with more people to work with you at your yard sale, you can have different people working different areas; the money booth, keeping items organized, and talking to customers. If you decide to have a yard sale with other people, put different color tags or stickers on items coordinated to each person so you know who is getting the money for which items.

Appearance and Curb Appeal Matter- One of the best ways to draw customers and make money off of your items is to place them strategically. You will want to have larger, more interesting items near the street so people will be more likely to stop and browse your yard sale. Make the most money possible off of your items by cleaning them and arranging them so they appear in the best possible light, so people will pay more for these quality items. Group like items together, hang clothes up so they are easier to look at, and wash older items so they look newer and clean. Take some time to prep your used items and make them as presentable as possible.

Price Items Correctly- Pricing items in the right way is also very important in making money off of a successful yard sale. You do not want to leave pricing until the last minute or it will be overwhelming- as you decide that items will be put up for sale, tag them or put stickers on them. For the most part, used items should be resold for about 70% off of their original price. Remember; you don’t even want these items, and its better to make a little money off of them than none at all. Always put prices on larger items that will be sold for more than $15, but if you want you can leave smaller ones unmarked to ask what customers are willing to pay for them, you may make more money selling them this way.

Make it Enjoyable- To get customers to stay and look around for longer, you can take easy steps to make the atmosphere more enjoyable. Play some music on the radio in the background, offer some refreshments to customers, and have some shaded area to sit if it is a hot day. If you want to, you could even make a little money off of selling snacks and drinks by having some kids man a table with baked goods or snack items, and water or lemonade for patrons to purchase if they’re hungry or thirsty.

Supply Shopping Bags and Boxes- To make it easier for customers to keep wanted items together, and to take them home once purchased, start saving boxes and bags in advance to give to those who buy a number of things. It will make shopping around a lot easier if they have something to carry their items in. Also, if you have delicate items on sale, have pieces of newspaper with you at the checkout table to wrap items for travel, and to make people more willing to buy delicate pieces like glasses or ceramic decorations.

Stay Organized- Keep your yard sale looking full and organized throughout the day by consolidating items, and keeping tables and bins clean and coordinated. As items begin to disappear, combine and arrange different areas so it looks like you still have a good amount to sell, and you can still attract customers to make money off of the items left. Small and similar items should be grouped together on a table or in a box so customers can look through. You can also offer volume discounts for items like books, movies or like pieces, i.e. 10 for $5.


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