Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

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Social media has quickly become a key player in the success of small businesses. With more marketing strategies and communication between the company and the public being done via social media, its clear that it is one of the most important aspects for any small business. Paying attention to your social media presence online can make a huge difference in accomplishing the goals of your small business. Luckily, there have been many tools developed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their social media.

Tweetdeck- This free web application is versatile and easy to use. Tweet deck is a social media tool that helps you manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts at one time. Tweetdeck helps you monitor more than one feed at once, and continuously display search results so you can respond instantly when your small business is mentioned on either of these sites. To help keep your timeline and newsfeed streamlined, the Tweetdeck tool enables you to block content that you are not interested in. This social media tool also allows your to schedule tweets and posts with different text, photos and links to be tweeted or messaged at certain times.

Hootsuite- This social media tool is a web application as well as a mobile application for small businesses to utilize. Hootsuite allows you to manage many different social media sites at once including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and StumbleUpon. One of the best features of this tool is that you can integrate your Google+ business page into Hootsuite. This is one of the best social media tools for small businesses to integrate the most social media networks, and allow entrepreneurs a variety of options to streamline their online presence efforts.

Sprout Social- This social media tool for small businesses has a user-friendly interface and provides you with a detailed report that is easy to understand. Sprout Social is very useful because it provides feedback about your follower demographics within 24 hours, and tells you how you could better utilize your online presence. Another aspect of Sprout Social is that is can assign tasks to different team members, as well as use “Smart Inbox” to collect all of the messages you receive via social media sites into one organized inbox that you can manage from a dashboard. Although Sprout Social lacks an email tie-in, user’s will certainly appreciate how easy it is to navigate the tool.

Vertical Response- This is a great tool for any small business owner to utilize that marries emails and social media campaigns to provide complete social media services. Bringing email and social media together under one umbrella allows online marketing initiatives to become easily managed. Vertical Response tailors products for those small business owners who aren’t necessarily social media experts. This social media tool schedules everything from entire campaigns to single updates, and allows clients to create their own library of custom content of common websites for their industry. Vertical Response also offers suggestions for content based on the relevance to your industry which makes it easy to navigate the endless information within the world of social media.

Sendible- Small businesses can use this social media tool to manage a great deal of information on their social media sites. Sendible gives you the choice of specific tasks you wish to complete including posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. This tool can save you a lot of time by paying attention to specific actions you wish to take and easily manage them. The Sendible social media tool marries the tasks of managing your social media presence and monitoring social media sites for business-relevant keywords. You can use this tool to create custom email alerts for key terms related to your company name or industry, as well as send emails from within the tool.


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