Cheap Ways to Stay Warm During the Winter

Stay warm this winter!

While the cold winter temps may make the holiday season seem more festive, they can take a toll on your chattering teeth and frost-bitten noses. While schools and office buildings are always nice and cozy warm, you may think twice about making your house toasty when you see how much heating an average home costs. It might be close to unbearable to touch your bare feet to the cold floors, but who wants a $400 heating bill. The following are less expensive ways to keep warm during the winter. Even in the south, where winter gear might not be as prominently sold, each of these tips could heat things up.

  1. Buy a Space Heater- Space heaters and oil-filled heaters are surprisingly inexpensive and can put out a lot of heat. If you’re going to be sitting in one spot for any length of time, a space heater is really all you need to stay comfortable. However, they should be used with caution. If you have animals or small children, make sure they are unable to get to the space heater and remind yourself to turn it off whenever you leave your house. This gives you the option to create heat in one room without spending the money to heat the entire house.
  2. Layer Up- If you are generally in a climate that stays warmer than the norm during the winter months, it might be hard to find suitable clothing for super low temps. Thermal underwear underneath a sweater can go a long way in keeping you warm. As far as your feet, double or triple-layer your socks if you need to, and for added warmth, stick them in the dryer for a few minutes prior to wearing them. And although it’s a myth that most of your heat is lost through your head, I still always feel cozier when I wear a hat.
  3. Take a Hot Bath- Sometimes I think a hot bath is the only way to really warm up when you’re cold to your core. Who doesn’t enjoy a steamy bath after a long hard day? Baths add moisture to the air, which can help alleviate your dry, winter skin. After you’re done bathing, don’t drain the water right away. Let the water sit and evaporate into the air. Getting towels straight from the dryer is a great way to keep warm once you are done bathing.
  4. Don’t Eat Out- Not only will you save money by cooking at home, you’ll be indirectly warming up your home. If you use the oven, keep it cracked after you turn it off so that its heat can be reused inside your house. Crock-pots slow cooker recipes are great for making warm, nutritious meals. You can also make gourmet coffee drinks to help stay warm. Try filling the mugs with boiling water before the coffee to keep the drinks, and your hands, warmer longer.


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