Education vs. Experience in Finding a Job

When you are finding a job and putting together your resume, you might pause to consider whether you should start by listing your education or your experience. Generally, it is better to start with whatever you have more of. Whether experience or education is more important to employers, depends on the business, and the job you are applying for.

When Education is a Plus

If you are finding a job as an entry level worker, your education is more important than any experience you might have. Employers will be looking for business professionals to train and mold, so your lack of experience might actually work in your favor in finding a job like this. Even high paying jobs in a business like medicine and finance will offer you opportunities to get your foot in the door with excellent education credentials and lighter years of experience.

Education will also be more important if you have truly outstanding education qualifications. Finding a job in any business will be easier when you get your undergraduate degree at Yale or Harvard. You should talk this up before you discuss your experience. This will impress employers and stand out among a pool of other applicants in the business.

When Experience Matters

Business positions that are higher up the corporate food chain will require more years in the field than glowing academic references. Finding a job in these positions will prove that employers want to see that you have experience managing others, planning and implementing complex business projects and evaluating what works and what needs to be changed. If you did not get a degree, or your education credentials are lacking, make sure you have many years of experience to make up for it when finding a job.

There are many successful business professionals like graphic artists, website designers and entrepreneurs who never finished college. They are successful not only because of their experience in the business, but because they know when to take chances and let creativity trump any college curriculum or corporate leadership program. Finding a job without sufficient education requires you to focus on the path that will lead you to your greatest goals, whether it is education, experience or something else entirely.


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