Tips for Saving Money While Redecorating Your Home

Decorating Ideas

When tackling a project like redecorating a room in your home, saving money can be a major concern. But contrary to popular belief, redecorating doesn’t always need to be a huge project or a number of tasks you have to outsource to complete. House decorating can be simple and inexpensive if you know the right changes to make. Whether you are looking to spruce up your living room, bathroom , kitchen or bedroom, here are some home decorating tips that will yield amazing results, all while saving money on expensive products.—Curtains and Drapes- Windows often times can be the focus of a room, especially if you add some unique treatments to them. Saving money by focusing simply on decorating your windows, can make a huge difference in a rom. Hanging stylish fabrics around your windows can change the whole look of a room and show off your decorating style.

—Centerpiece- A design idea that can cheaply switch the decor of a room is a major centerpiece. Saving money on decorations by choosing one staple item that will draw the attention of family and guests, is a great home decorating tip. Picking out a unique and interesting item that goes with your theme can mean the difference between a boring room, and an eclectic styled room.

—Paint- This can be the easiest way to take a room from one style to another, all while saving money on expensive redecorating. Space decorating with a simple coat of paint can transform an entire room to something completely unexpected and personal. Choose a color that will make you happy every time you enter the room, maybe even try one bold color on a wall with the other three painted a differ hue, just make sure the room stays balanced.

—Indoor Plants- Whether you like greenery, flowers or cacti, indoor plants can be an interesting way to decorate your home. If you have a theme you want to convey, choose some plants that will make that room feel like the decorating style you are going for. Saving money by using fake plants will allow you the same feel year after year.

—Lighting- “Switching” up the lighting in a room really changes the entire mood and feel of it. If you don’t wait to go through complete fixture renovation, saving money by opting to swap out lamps from one room to another can bring a different vibe entirely. Try a thrift store or yard sale for unique pieces that could fit into your home decor.


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