Four Leadership Tips to Better Your Business


Leadership is about keeping employees motivated and engaged.

My favorite leadership quote comes from business consultant Kenneth Blanchard when he said, “The key to successful leadership today, is influence, not authority.” There are many ways to become a more influential leader, here are some tips to help improve your skills in order to become more effective.

Lead by example. In order to be a good leader you must give others a reason to follow you. This it best achieved by serving as a role model, you must “walk the walk and talk the talk.” Working hard in your business, and getting tasks done efficiently, will allow group members to admire your work and imitate your behavior. A good leader always models the qualities they wish to see portrayed in their team members.

Have a positive attitude. An upbeat and optimistic attitude in every area, especially business, is the starting source for inspiration among a group. If a leader is discouraged, then the team will have little motivation to accomplish tasks. Small gestures, as simple as a smile on your face, will give your business team a sense of confidence towards a variety of challenges.

Reward and Recognize. A good leader ALWAYS recognizes others’ hard work. The best way to influence your team is by making sure they feel appreciated. Rewards such as longer lunch breaks, morning bagels, or even the occasional afternoon off can give your team members the sense that their hard work and business sense is realized and acknowledged. Even positive verbal recognition goes a long way, people love to hear that they are appreciated.

Encourage creativity. An effective leader encourages others to express creativity through their work. Offer new challenges that allow people to push their limits, so that they are not discouraged by barriers to success. Let your business team work in a way that is best for each individual, so they can add their own creative touch to each task.


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