Dealing with Business Stress at Work

Life wouldn’t be so stressful if we didn’t have to work to make money. Unfortunately, for most of us, work is a very large part of our lives. So it only stands to reason we have to deal with the stress of holding down a job/ business /career, and deal with it in a way that makes life worth living. Here are some tips.Maybe it’s you

If you’re feeling really stressed out at work and everything seems to be closing in on you fast, maybe it’s you. Maybe its your macho workaholic attitude in business that’s bringing you down. There is a reason why many company policies allow for a certain number of breaks in a day and why they want employees to take them. So take them! That’s what they’re there for—to help you stress less. And when your on break or at lunch, switch off workmode, if you can. Read a magazine or have a conversation with coworkers about stuff other than business. You’ll be surprised at what these “mini vacations” do for your mental health.

Acting professional

If you feel your blood pressure start to rise in spite of taking a break every once and a while, consider going some place else mentally. Get a calendar of “Tropical Islands of the World” or stock your cubicle with a few family vacation pictures—anything to get your mind off of the stress of the business. When you feel a “moment” coming on, look them over for some perspective. You can also try counting to ten. This too can do a lot to help get your rising temper, panic or stress under control.

Get organized

A lot of stress at work comes from not planning ahead, or just being plain unorganized. You may not be able to control a lot of what happens in the business world while you’re at work, but this you can control. And it need not be elaborate. Spend a few minutes at the end of the day cleaning up your desk and putting things back to where they should be. In the morning, orientate yourself through your emails, and memos from the boss on what absolutely needs to get done that day and what isn’t such a priority. Plug the game plan of how you will conduct business for the day into your organizer, and stick to it.


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