How To Escape Middle Management in your Business Career

Middle Management

So, you’re in business middle management. Your job is to give orders to the people below you and take orders from the people above you. Day after day you complete the same business tasks with no way out. Why isn’t there a way out? Because doggone it, you’re great at it! Isn’t that wonderful? Your underlings love you as do your overlords…

But you are getting tired of it. Ugh, what are you going to do? You want to advance! Avoid making a common career mistake and use on of these five ways to propel you out of middle management hell in your business career:

Start your own small business

This especially goes out to Gen Xers. You guys, and gals, have got to put your thinking caps on and start getting creative in starting your own business. Now would be a good idea to nurse that idea for a clothing boutique, or a business that manufactures your world famous barbecue sauce.  Why? The odds are against you if you’re in your forties and you’re in middle management.
Chances are, you have the Baby Boomers in the top jobs, and they’re so in debt, they aren’t leaving that cushy position anytime soon. And who’s that coming up behind you? The boomer’s children. In other words, a younger, more energetic version of you, with a grasp of technology and awesome business ideas that their parents can probably relate to better than anything you can do.
Learn the new technology
This is the most important business advice of today. Get to know how the many aspects of social media work: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Twitter is a basically a non-stop stream of publicity for you, and LinkedIn and Facebook are the most powerful networking and job searching platforms ever created for business. If you use them right, they can publicize you right out of middle management hell and into the heavens of executive land. Maybe not at the business you’re working at now, but loyalty is a two-way street; time to go.
Learn new skills
Take a look at your current stable of higher ups. What kind of business backgrounds do they have? What kind of education? What is their skill set? Emulate that, acquire those skills through more schooling and apply  them every chance you get.
Shine a light
Just like those castaways do on a deserted island, get out your mirror or make a bonfire to get those overhead planes to notice you. Don’t do that literally, of course, but become an expert in your field of business. Write articles about your particular expertise. Blog about it. And by all means, notify your company‘s in-house blog or newsletter about your achievements.
Take on challenges
Keep your head up and your ears open for new challenges and responsibilities waiting to be plucked out of the air and placed under your jurisdiction. You can do this best if you step back and see the big picture of how your department relates to the business at large. Don’t wait for your bosses to see it first and hopefully assign it to you…take charge. Notify them first.


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