How to Exhibit More Charm at Work

charm at work

Demonstrating charm might not be part of your job description, but the quality of your actions can go a long way in helping your career move forward. If you choose misery and mayhem over charm and grace during your work day, no one will like being around you and the company you work for will avoid moving you to the front of the line when it comes to things like promotions, project assignments and invitations to the company picnic. When you’re more charming, you’re more attractive. When you are more attractive at work, it does not mean looking good. It means being the person that other people want to include. Assuming you don’t have time for charm school, try these simple tips.

• Be social. You don’t want to sit in the lunchroom and gossip about your boss or complain about not getting a raise, but you do want to interact with your co-workers and supervisors in a positive way. Say hello to everyone you see at work, and get to know people outside of your own team or department. If you are a sales professional who is friendly to the I.T. guy, you probably won’t have to trade endless emails with tech support or the help desk when your computer is acting funny. Your charm will have paved the way for immediate assistance.

• Be positive. It can be hard to stay optimistic in the workplace, especially if you are running up against impossible deadlines, endless meetings and colleagues who refuse to pull their weight. However, a negative attitude isn’t going to make any of those things better. So, flip the switch and be positive instead. Find the silver lining in every impossible work situation. Your co-workers might be tempted to slap you initially, but that kind of an attitude is contagious. You’ll find they respond much better to cheerful optimism than dreadful pessimism.

• Be confident. Charming people are confident people. They believe in their abilities and their talents, and they are not afraid to try something new. You should practice the same policy. Instead of talking about everything you lack, offer your past experience and expertise in order to help solve problems and offer advice. This is especially important in the way you relate to your boss. Don’t give her a list of reasons for why you can’t do something. Instead, accept the assignment and be bold. If you’re as charming as you should be, there will be plenty of people willing to help you.

• Be humble. While confidence is one key to charm, so is humility. You don’t want to walk into someone’s cubicle and start talking about how much better you are than everyone else. Accept compliments graciously and don’t be shy about handing some out to other people you work with.

• Be balanced. You might find it hard to be charming if you’re taking work home every night and avoiding vacations. Find a balance between your work and home life, and let it be an example to everyone around you. Your charm must come from places other than your office. Show enthusiasm for cooking, sports and travel. Share your hobbies and interests with your colleagues. Count down the days to your next vacation. Ask people about what they like to do outside of the office. Not only is this charming, it’s healthy.


  1. I think everyone can relate to how a positive attitude can go along way in your career. We have all had that co-worker who could have a better attitude. A positive attitude does so much for you but also the people around you. Great article and great tips. :-)

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