How to Make Money on a Successful Yard Sale

How does every successful business succeed? With a good degree and well rounded knowledge. But how does John Smith make money on a yard sale without a degree in business or marketing. Yard sales are popping up more and more now that people are downsizing their homes, looking for some extra money, or trying to raise money for a cause. So how can you get the most from selling useless, secondhand junk that someone found buried in the back of their garage? How can you get good business from a successful yard sale?

Location: If you have a difficult house to find, try asking a neighbor if they would like to join you and split the money made and costs of the sale. This will give you both a little extra money and access to more business on the main road.

Schedule: Try for the first of the month, this is around the time that most people have gotten paid and before their spending money on monthly bills. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan on starting business early in the day.

Advertising: See if you can get the whole block involved, this will widen your business prospects, client span and spread the word about the sale to make you more money. Look for free advertising options like craigslist to advertise your larger items, and see how much money it would cost to advertise in local papers.

Signage: Keep it simple. For people driving by, they won’t be able to read a lot of print before they pass the sign. Look for prime locations for your sign to get more business. Major intersections on the way to your home will be good places.

Pricing: Make money of selling small things like baby clothes and toys out of plastic bin, marking them all the same price. A good business strategy is to use small folding tables or furniture on sale to display smaller items.


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