iPhone and Droid Apps for Your Small Business

It can be a lonely world out there for the small business owner. It can also be a busy one. Out from the corporate umbrella, small business owners are responsible for sales, operations, marketing, social media and even finance duties within their little empires. They need help, but help can cost some money. In the interim between being a fledgling business and one that’s producing a profit (or income), there are a number of must-have Android and iPhone apps bridge the gap. These apps vary in price, but if applied wisely, they all more than pay for themselves.

  1. Scan Pages- Scan Pages allows users to scan documents with their iPhones. These documents are converted into PDF files that can be stored in online systems such as Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  2. Dropbox- In speaking of, Dropbox is an online filing system with a popular app. It still has to be installed on your computer, but once that is done, all your saved documents, photos and videos will be available on your mobile device.
  3. LogMeIn- This app allows you access files from your computer (PC or Mac) remotely. Additionally, anything on your PC can be run on your mobile device using this app.
  4. Pages- It’s like having Microsoft Word on your phone but better. The Pages app allows you to create documents, including reports with graphs and images. It also saves your document each time you type.
  5. LucyPhone- Who has time to wait! LucyPhone allows you to search a directory of popular customer service numbers and then calls the one you need. If you get put on hold, LucyPhone has a function that allows you to be disconnected and then reconnected when a customer service agent becomes available. In a word “awesome!”
  6. Business Card Reader- This app helps keep you organized when networking by recognizing business cards and importing contact data into your address book
  7. WordPress- This app doesn’t get much attention because the ubiquitous web version and because when people think social media and mobile apps, they are usually thinking HootSuite. However, if blogging is a major part of your business mix, this is a must have. With the WordPress app you don’t need be at your PC to bang out a post, potentially making you more efficient. Also, if inspiration strikes you while you’re out and about, the app is right there.
  8. QuickSale- QuickSale is a great app for tracking financial and operational information. Inventory and invoices can be tracked via this app. It can also send invoices to customers and allows you put notes on invoices.
  9. Total Recall- This app will allow you to record meetings or phone calls. Great for writers giving interviews.
  10. Join.me- This iPhone app allows you to have online meetings from your home, hotel or wherever business takes you.


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