When A Business Relationship Turns into a Personal Relationship

Office romances heat up and cool down very fast.

Dating a co-worker is always a gray area. On the one hand, you take a risk of it going south and ruining business relationships, or it could go well and you could end up with a few whispers behind your shoulders. While dating a co-worker might seem like an adventurous thrill ride that could make an otherwise drab workweek that much more exciting, there are a few key factors to keep in mind before taking the plunge into an office romance.

In a small or medium sized business, a relationship can be disastrous. While falling for a coworker isn’t necessarily advised in any office environment, this holds especially true in a small business workplace where everyone knows everyone and everything. However, it’s also natural to find that you become attracted to someone you work with on a daily basis. But when do you decide that it’s worth the risk or your job?

You will get a rush of excitement in the beginning with all the secret emails, the private conference calls or business meetings, but after all is said and done how can you keep yourself from letting your personal relationship dictate your professional relationship? If a task is late are you going to withhold sex from your partner? If the sex is bad will that be associated with your yearly business performance review? Will you be able to silence the gossip in the break room? Or are you going to be able to keep things a secret and out of the professional environment?

I don’t suppose if you are directly working with someone that this could end badly; however, you have to take into account the possibility that you might not make it out of the relationship with a solid bond or a solid business career.


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