Conducting Business While Working from Home

Business’s are slowly starting to realize that the economic recession isn’t just bringing stress on the company, but on its employees as well. Think about how far away from work some of your employees live, and how much money they spend on gas. Do some of your employees have kids? How much do babysitters or daycare cost?

Working from home is a new perk that employers are offering in business, but how well can you monitor someone’s work and progress when they aren’t down the hall or in the next cubicle? How do you get all the right tools to work from home? And what can the employees do to prove they are conducting business efficiently at home?

Allow your boss to make specific requirements for a work space so he knows the space in which you’ll be conducting business. Take pictures of your work space in relation to the rest of your house and other distractions. This will allow your boss to picture you working in the space and let him decide if it will be void of other distractions so business won’t suffer. Make note of the fact that you have access to everything you would at the office; a computer, copier, fax, phone, internet, ect.

Designate your work hours ahead of time. Working from home doesn’t mean you get to work better or different business hours than everyone else. Make sure your colleagues and your boss know when they can reach you. This will give your boss that aspect that makes him feel powerful, and your colleagues and business associates can have access to you when you aren’t present in the office. Use a chat or video conference system to keep in constant contact.

Finally, make it a point to communicate progress at the end of the each business day. List out your day of work in an email for your direct supervisor, and copy your boss and necessary colleagues on the email. This will allow them to see what you have done for the day. Your boss may not always read it, but you won’t be vulnerable for surprises or consequences later on.


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