Other Uses for Everyday Household Items

Save Money

Hi, I’m Captain Toothpaste and I can fix just about anything, including you’re stinky breath.

Who says that the cleaners  and other things you have lying around your house can only be used for one purpose? You’ll be surprised by how much money you can save, and how far you can stretch your budget by getting everyday household items to serve double-duty.


Don’t find yourself asking “how do I get crayon marks off walls?” Don’t spend money on a paint job for the wall, just apply a little bit of non-gel, white toothpaste to the mark. Toothpaste takes crayon marks off cleanly so you can save money and time on repainting a room that your little one got a hold of.

White toothpaste is also great for repairing scratched DVDs. Save money on throwing away movies by simple dabbing a little on where you think the scratch is, and rub outward towards the DVD’s edge.

Toothpaste and baking soda

White toothpaste mixed with baking soda repairs small holes made by tacks and nails. Don’t spend money on caulking, or stress out about these unsightly things on your wall. Just use this concoction that will do the trick!

No-pain band aid removal

Need to remove a Band Aid without it hurting? Just rub olive oil on the sticky part of a Band Aid or similar sticky bandage and it will painlessly come off.

The manly way to remove fuzz

Don’t spend money on those lint rollers when you can just use tape to remove the fuzz from clothing. It’s just sticky enough to do the job, but not too sticky to make a mess of things.

Caffeinate the critters

If aphids and other bugs are eating away at your garden don’t spend money on expensive insect spray, you can use coffee grounds to get rid of garden pests. Mix some into the soil around the plants and it usually takes care of the problem.

Alka Seltzer.. for your toilet?

If you usually spend money on toilet cleaners that don’t work, try to save money by simply dropping a couple of tabs of Alka-Seltzer, or similar antacid medicine in the bowl to remove stubborn stains from your toilet. They also work great on coffee and tea-stained cups. The method can also be used on any container that’s hard to clean—save money on buying new tupperware, and the like.

Moisture absorber

Rice makes a great substitute moisture absorber. Use it in your salt or sugar shaker to keep things from caking up and becoming hard, and save money on unused stashes. You can also save yourself from spending money on a new cell phone if you try putting it in a bowl of rice after getting it wet, first.


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