Taking Initiative in the Business World


There are few forces in this world as powerful as that of personal initiative. With the right mindset and drive, an individual can accomplish just about anything, and become a strong leader in business. Here are some easy tips on getting the proverbial stone rolling in business, and all areas of your life, where initiative is lacking.

Relying on your own judgment from time to time, rather than the business advice of others, can be incredibly liberating. Those who are afraid to act alone often become stuck in a rut of dependency and mental stagnation, which can be detrimental to a career in any business field. While well-intended advice from reliable business sources should be taken into account, always remember to make the final decision your own. Only you can get yourself where you want to be in the professional world of business.

Nothing empowers like a sense of free will. Likewise, do everything in your power to kick fear and hesitation to the curb. Reluctance to make bold business decisions is a classic trap of the timid. Doing something rash and out of character- within bounds of course- can remind you of your inherent courage and self-worth, and could propel you into a business decision that could further your career. In the immortal words of FDR: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The flipside of this coin, of course, is learning to stand up for yourself as well as practicing accountability. We all make business or personal mistakes at one time or another, and should learn to not shy away from either blame or credit where each is due. Instead of allowing failure to stifle your business initiative, interpret each mistake as a valuable lesson. Likewise, take every business accomplishment to heart, and allow yourself a healthy touch of pride from time to time.

Personal and social accountability go hand in hand towards crafting a better individual. Do your best to honor every promise you make to yourself as well as to others; this is especially important in the business world. This will allow for an unmatched confidence and sense of self-reliance, two traits are at the very core of initiative.

Lastly, don’t sit idle waiting for your muse to tap you on your shoulder. Seek out inspiration whenever possible and engage in business pursuits about which you are passionate. Take the age old maxim, “carpe diem”, by heart and always remember that motivation, ultimately, comes only from within.


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