Four Top-Earning College Degrees

Not all college majors are created equal. Some will give you a lot of earning potential in the business world, while others will provide less income but better bragging rights. A French major, for example, gets to live in Paris perhaps, but won’t be able to save money to pay off her student loans anytime soon. If you want to earn your college tuition investment back quickly, consider majoring in one of these fields.

Engineering. From chemical engineering to metallurgical engineering to mechanical engineering you will be earning good money in this business, and therefore being able to save money. If you learn how to be an engineer, you can count on a starting salary of about $80,000. I am especially fascinated by mining and mineral engineering. Imagine studying minerals in an attempt to design mines. This will prove to be a good financial investment in your education.

Computer sciences. Understanding the mechanics of computers and how they work is a valuable skill to have, and if you are talented at computer programming and understand software design, your college degree will pay for itself in a year or two. Math majors have also been known to do well in the computer science industry. There are many business opportunities here, and if you find the right one you will be able to save money after graduation in no time.

Pharmacy Studies. It takes many years of schooling to become a pharmacist, but if you decide to go into the business, you will make good money once you graduate. There is a huge demand for highly skilled workers in all levels of the pharmaceutical industry, from researchers to chemists to administrators. Prescription drugs are not going away any time soon and most people in the field earn six figures—allowing you to save money to pay off student loans and other debt.

Economics. An economics degree can open doors to many careers in the financial world of business. Whether you want to work on Wall Street, or continue your education at Oxford, graduating with a degree in economics will help you pocket some money and get started on your earning potential as soon as you are out of classes.


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