Four Tips For Reducing Your Key Bills

There are many ways to save money and cut key billsnegotiating better rates with providers, cutting out optional features or living a little less extravagantly. Here are some tips to save money by lowering monthly expenses:Do your research before calling to get a better rate:

Look for a better deal by checking out the competition on providers like cable, telephone and internet access can save you money. You can save money simply by knowing the lowest rate in the marketplace and then negotiating with your current company. Be smart with this; have your bill on hand, as well as any advertised offers, so you can compare apples to apples.

Timing is everything:
In a service contract, the best time to ask for a better deal is a few weeks before the contract expires. With the right timing you can save money on a lot of bills because companies will work to keep your business. The closer to the end of your agreement, the more power you have to negotiate savings.

Be prepared to walk (or do without):
When negotiating, be prepared to remove your service—don’t deliver an ultimatum unless you are ready to go elsewhere. Know all the features you are paying money for, and determine which ones you want to do without, or cancel the full service. Many people choose to save money by ditching cable service altogether—you can watch movies and TV on computers and hand-held devices. The same is true for landline phone service.

Be frugal:
Some bills you just cannot do without—utilities like electricity, water and sewer are some you may not be able to save money on. These bills will just have to be controlled. Make your life a little more sustainable, with knowledge of your habits and surroundings. There are several easy ways to save money—change light bulbs to energy saving models, consciously use less water when showering or washing clothes only in cold water.


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