Top 5 Things Smart Risk Takers Do

The only thing that remains consistent in the business world is that it is inconsistent. Businesses are constantly expanding and innovating their plans and ideas because the only way to become successful is to adapt to the changing environment. Taking risks in the business world is necessary to grow, if you play it safe you can be avoiding a chance for expansion and success. Here are some tips to execute your risks in a smarter and more beneficial way.

1. Believe in your risk. If you do not believe in the risk you are taking, nobody will. You need to go with your gut instincts and learn to differentiate between uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Taking a risk can make you feel wary because it pushes you outside of your comfort zone, so if you feel skeptical about taking a risk step back and think: are holding yourself back or is this the wrong risk for you. You must inspire and be inspired by your course of action to stay motivated and achieve your goal.

2. Act and react quickly. The only way to keep up in the business world is to stay one step ahead by looking into the future and acting on your predictions promptly and quickly. If you’re too caught up in the present analyzing a step-by-step plan you could end up missing an opportunity if something else arises. Learn how to quickly evaluate your options and think on your feet.

3. Learn how to transform a mistake into an opportunity. Learn from your mistakes and help turn them into new possibilities. Never allow a failed risk to halt the advancement of your company, but use it is a useful learning tool.  In the end, everything you learn is a positive contribution to achieving your goal. Keep in mind, innovation involves adaption, and that means you have to adapt to failure as well as success.

4. Remember you are taking a risk, not a gamble. Take a chance with a plan. It is good to be spontaneous when it comes to taking risks, but you also need to be smart about that risk and realize that it is not a gamble. The difference between these two actions is that they both hold different consequences; a risk is something that is planned and easily recoverable if something goes wrong, while a gamble is less structured than a risk and can set you back if it doesn’t go well. Plan and break down the benefits and the potential loss that go along with your risk so you know your potential gain and loss.

5. Communicate well. Clearly communicate your risk and how it will be beneficial to your company’s success. Use an open environment to collaborate with your peers. Encouraging open communication will help build trust and creative risk taking. Ask questions, test concepts, and discuss concerns together because everyone always has different perspectives and multiple angles are always helpful.


  1. This is true. Far too many people are looking at what happened in the past as opposed to watching trends unfold. Had I not had my head up my butt I would have known that literally everyone around me was purchasing apple products and drinking starbucks far in advance instead of looking back at the money I could have made purchasing their stocks early on. And that is especially true of your gut telling you what is and is not a good deal!

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