Four Tips to Cope with a Job You Hate

Finding a New Job

If you are really miserable in your current job, take comfort in this fact—you are not alone. Thousands, (millions?) of people get up in the morning each day and shuffle off to do business somewhere they loathe. The only difference between you and them is, they’ve found a way to cope. If you don’t want to change careers, you too can find a way to cope with a job you hate, here’s how:

Keep your head up

Finality and permanence can crush a person, so the first thing to remember is never feel like you’re “trapped” in this specific business, because really, you aren’t. Times may be a little tough for you right now, but finding a job you actually like is always a possibility. You can always keep looking for a way out. Even if you can’t do it right now, make it a routine to peruse those job banks, finding a job you can enjoy. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel to know that there are paths to take when you’re sick and tired of the business you’re in now. Even if your dream is to go into business for yourself, nursing that dream along in the off hours can do a lot for your morale.

You are not your job

Some people tend to make their job their identity. Any psychologist will tell you this is wrong, especially if you attach your self-esteem to a job or business you hate. Think about it. What does it say about a person that says: “I’m an insurance salesman and I hate every minute of it.”

Find something you love about your job

There has to be something, otherwise, you would have quit a long time ago or worse. You got into the business for a reason, and try to keep that reason in mind. The one thing you like about your job may be the friends you have there, or the food in the cafeteria; whatever it is, let that one aspect help you stay positive about your current position.

Recognize your progress

The Man might not recognize your accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean you should let him. Don’t let your business victories go unrecognized. When you’ve done something well at your job treat yourself to dinner at a fancy restaurant or buy yourself something nice. As we said earlier, it’s just poison to rely on others for your job for self-esteem.


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