When is it Time to Outsource Personal Tasks

Freelancers are not for businesses anymore. Individuals can also use freelancers to outsource personal tasks, spending money on everything from designing wedding invitations, to lawn services and car washing.

Outsourcing personal tasks can be efficient in saving money, especially when considering the time and effort it would take to do the project yourself.

Which tasks are best for outsourcing, and when is the best time to consider spending money on hiring someone else do it for you? Chiefly, it is a matter of two things—how much is your time worth, and how well can you do the job yourself? Considering that your life may be better spent focusing on growing your own business, looking elsewhere for someone to outsource personal jobs to may be the way to go.

If there is a problem you are not suitable for—or simply don’t want to do it yourself—then it may be time to outsource. Saving money and time on lawn work that may some out sub-par, mate be less ideal then spending money on hiring a lawn care company. They will do a better job of keeping your yard looking good—they are professionals, after all. The same is true with finances—hiring an expert will definitely help you in saving money, and could perhaps make you some money too.

Spending money smartly on outsourcing is an excellent way to get a particular job done quickly and cheaply. There are virtual assistants that can help you with daily tasks, like keeping a schedule, sending out holiday cards and organizing files. Researchers can help provide expertise in a particular field, or help you find the hottest holiday toys.

To outsource personal tasks, it doesn’t have to be another company—often an individual with a particular skillset is what you want to be spending your money on. This is true for design or creative projects—such as party invitations, brochures, writing speeches or creating resumes. For this, the internet is king– saving money by using services like Craigslist, Fiver.com (where posted tasks can be accomplished for only five dollars) and message boards like Elance.com. These sites will connect you with freelance writers and graphic designers—people willing to take many small, creative jobs off your hands.


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